Awhile back I stumbled onto this zine written by a radical butch trans dyke in 1997 and I just managed to find it again!
It was mostly written by a lady named anne tagonist and features her experiences at a woman only anarcha-feminist space, rants on trans monstrosity and an article by another butch trans woman on butchness in relation to transness. Another article touches on classism in trans woman narratives (!!). It also has a thing about a trans punk band named bitch hips and some comix and stuff.
Overall it’s pretty neat and super validating to have a cultural document that asserts we’ve been doing this shit for awhile!
You can download it here
Important note: As this was written 17 years ago, it has a lot of outdated / now offensive language in it. 

For the hardcores only

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grade 5, USA

by soyeste

pop ya blade thro sum shade